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Brienza’s Academic Advantage is an academic solutions company, led by experienced educators who provide, proven results-focused K-12 tutoring, test preparation and professional development services at our full-service learning centers and in schools.

Brienza’s Academic Advantage is an academic solutions organization which offers a range of tutoring and test preparation programs for K-12 students, and professional development services for teachers, principals and school administrators.  Whether at one of our full-service learning centers, or at one of the many school sites where we provide services, Brienza’s Academic Advantage delivers personalized learning programs that improve academic achievement, enhance self-esteem, raise test scores, and promote excellence in teaching and learning.


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General FAQs from parents

How long will it take for me to see progress with my child?

Every academic program is designed specifically for each student.  The length and results vary for each student enrolled in our program. Every student learns at their own pace and for this reason progress is seen differently for each student.

What does Brienza’s Academic Advantage tutoring cost?

The pricing will vary because we customize our instruction to meet the specific needs of each student, as well as the academic goals we are trying to achieve. The cost of the program is dependent on which program is chosen. Brienza’s offers an in-center tutoring with a live teacher, a blended learning program that combines online tutoring and a live teacher at our learning center, or a purely online tutoring program.  Brienza’s educational specialist will work with each family to provide a program that best fits their needs.

What is the effectiveness of the Brienza’s Academic Advantage tutoring programs?

Brienza’s Academic Advantage is a company comprised of successful and knowledgeable educators that understand how to address the needs of our students. Our diagnostic evaluation allows us to pinpoint your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses. This enables us to tailor a program specific to those skills that need strengthening.  When a student is enrolled in our program, our academic staff monitors student progress through the daily feedback from our certified teachers, and continued assessments provided to students at key intervals of our program.

Why does Brienza conduct a diagnostic evaluation if I know the academic strengths and weaknesses of my child?

The cornerstone of the highly individualized learning plan that Brienza’s Academic Advantage creates for each student is developed from the results of the diagnostic evaluation. While it is important that we know exactly what your child needs in order to help him academically, the results give our education experts what we need to tailor the learning plan in order to achieve success.

How will I know that my child is really making progress?

Brienza’s staff will meet with you and provide you with constant feedback on your child’s progress. You will notice positive changes in your child at home and in school. Additionally, we will re-test your child periodically to see how much he or she has advanced in each area of need.

Lillian BrienzaLillian Brienza - Founder of Brienza’s Academic Solutions

Brienza’s Academic Advantage was founded in 1995 by Lillian V. Brienza following her more than 35-year career as a teacher and administrator with the New York City Public Schools. From the beginning, Ms. Brienza collaborated with other experienced educators to help develop the learning programs, design the curricula and plan the professional development workshops upon which the company has built its stellar reputation.

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